McFadden Chiropractic’s Neurosensory Program can dramatically impact your child’s life. Based on a program developed by Dr. Monika Buerger, this program takes medical and chiropractic research to the next level to help children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Concussion injuries, and various  Autism Spectrum Disorders.

With McFadden Chiropractic’s Neurosensory Program, children and adults get all the treatments they need with the highest success rate – all under one roof. Our treatment programs are individualized for each patient depending on their specific needs and deficits. The goal of treatment is to provide a natural alternative to potentially harmful drugs while allowing individuals to reach their maximum life potential – both socially and academically.

A comprehensive “three pronged” approach is recommended for maximum patient benefit and improvement.

1) Individualized Chiropractic Treatment Programs
Each patient is evaluated for vertebral subluxations that can result in a nervous system “disconnect” between the brain and body. Subluxations can contribute to an atypical or immature development of the nervous sys¬tem, various developmental delays, a depressed immune system, or chronic health issues. Dr. McFadden utilizes a very specific chiropractic approach called the Gonstead Technique, ensuring that each patient receives the exact care that they need.

2) Diet, Detoxification, Nutrition & Supplementation
Research shows that children with neurodevelopmental disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder) and adults with certain chronic illnesses (such as sinusitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and autoimmune disorders) suf¬fer from chronic inflammation of the gut, a suppressed immune system, and toxicity. Biomedical treatment, also known as functional medicine, looks at how a person’s medical or neurological manifestations may actually be a result of some other underlying physical breakdown of the body. Patients are evaluated on an individual basis depending on their particular disorder.

3) Neurointegrative Movement Therapy
Movement through space is essential for proper brain development. Many children with neurodevelopmental disorders have delays in reaching developmental milestones. These children may also have retained Primitive Reflexes that should be inhibited within the first year of life. The progress of higher and more sophisticated areas of brain development is impeded, resulting in poor motor, social and academic learning. Based on each individual’s specific area of deficit, Dr. McFadden offers special brain exercises to promote proper development of neuropathways essential for learning and navigating through life. He also offers interactive metronome pro¬grams, which are specific exercises that help develop and regulate the sensory processing system.

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